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the treasure keeper

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Heavily inspired by Minecraft's "Minecart with Chest" item, the Treasure Keeper is more than just that. Aside from storing items like a regular chest, the Treasure Keeper includes 3 distinct functions — all demonstrated in the "product functions" video featured below.

1 — A Removable Chest Lid. This isn't just a piece of pixel art; the Treasure Keeper, at its most basic form, is a simple chest with interior storage taller than it looks on the outside.

2 — An Easily Accessible False Bottom. The CARDBOARD CRAFTERS don't call this hunk of pixels the Treasure Keeper for nothing! Keep all of your secret diaries, life savings, and more in our discreetly painted false bottom.

3 — Extra Exterior Storage. On the outside between the chest and the Minecart, are thin gaps capable of holding thin objects such as books or papers. It's deep though — don't get your valuables stuck in it, we warned you!

product functions

"The treasurekeeper" tutorial functions video

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